Thinking outside the virtual box 1

Should you be one of those who stray off the path of shiny Macbooks and force-fed subscriptions, fear not! This series will document my run-ins with various DH software on Linux.

As a general rule, most DH software projects are either open source or at least very supportive when it comes to compatibility issues. However, sometimes there is neither a Ubuntu (Laptop is running Mate), nor a Java, not a sourcefile available. In that case it might be a good idea to use a virtual Windows machine for all the quick and dirty solutions. So, for the first part, here is the RTI Builder and Viewer in virtualization through VirtualBox:

Builder installs fine, runs fine, although performance is of course limited to the resources allocated.

Viewer install fine, starts and loads fine, displays only a red square. After consulting the manual, I set the VM to support OpenGL (see the two “acceleration” checkboxes) and allocated some more video RAM. Still performance is of course not the greatest but it is fully usable now.

Snapshot with viewer open
Settings in VirtualBox

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