Nexus 4.1.6 on Ubuntu

This episode will be looking at setting up and using Nexus 4.1.6 (amazing tool to process 3d models for web presentation) on Ubuntu Mate. It is both a documentation and a general introduction to compiling.


Image you wanted to make a cake at home. You buy a kit with some of the more exotic ingredients, others (like milk and eggs) you have in your pantry. Finally the box has a recipe, telling you how to put thins together. Compiling is very similar, what we want is the cake (the finished program), what we downloaded is the kit (the compressed folder), what the kit assumes we already have are the dependencies. Also, we would normally have a recipe (the make file) and a list of dependencies so we can satisfy them before we bake.

In our case, what we have is:

  1. A folder with the source
  2. A readme file mentioning dependencies
  3. A CMakeLists file

Now the CMakeLists is not a makeFile, but we can generate a makeFile from it. In baking terms, it could be a video of someone making the cake. We could derive the recipe from watching and taking notes.


What you need:

  1. The downloaded and extracted source folder
  2. CMake
  3. The following libraries: Qt5 ( see this link ) and VCG (which needs to be install manually)

How to:

  1. Make sure you have satisfied all dependencies.
  2. Run Cmake on the extracted folder. This will generate a MakeFile. helpful link
  3. Create a new folder called something like “Nexus-build”
  4. Navigate there and run make on the extracted folder
  5. Now, as root, run make install on the extracted folder. helpful link
  6. You now have successfully compiled the Nexus tool set. From here on you can follow the instructions on how to use the software
  7. Enjoy the cake!



Sources and link collection:

Get 3D Hop:

Get Nexus:

Specific thread about Nexus compilation issues:

VCG library installation guide:

Configre, make, make install guide:

How to use cmake:


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