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The Dublin Festival of Twentieth Century Music

My practicum is in collaboration with the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland. The centre was set up to support Irish composers from both the Republic and Northern Ireland and to archive their music. The goal of the centre is ‘to ensure that the contemporary music landscape in Ireland is documented and preserved for future generations’ […]


Archaeology in the Digital World

In the discussion between Jeremy Huggett and Andre Costopoulos concerning digital archaeology, they both make points for and against the theory of digital archaeology and practicing digital archaeology. But what I’d like to focus on is the term itself; digital archaeology. The both share the opinion that all archaeologists are now digital archaeologists. But if […]


Expectations of a Digital Scholarly Edition

A scholarly edition is not a new phenomenon but there has been an increase in scholarly editions that are now developed as digital editions. These editions are now more popular, especially with funding agencies who are more likely to back digital editions rather than print (Jewell 28). Through the digital medium, these editions are available […]


As good as the real thing? 3D models and representations

There is a certain thrill that comes with experiencing a real piece of history in a museum or library. The ability to see and sometimes interact with an object that is directly linked to the past provides a greater understanding than simply reading the narrative from a book. When it is not possible for a […]


Copyright in a Technological World: 3D Scanning

In the technological age that we live in, new technologies are used in all walks of life. Many people have become seduced by all this new technology and are afraid of being left behind if they do not keep up with the newest gadgets and updates (Huggett, J 82).  Professions such as archaeology have made […]

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