Welcome to my Digital Humanities Blog.

My name is Seán and I am studying for an MA in Digital Humanities at The National University of Ireland, Maynooth. On this blog you will find posts about my course work in the various modules of the programme, including informal postings on exercises, projects and workflows. These you can find under the Module titles. There are also graded Assignments posted as part of the programme. Please feel free to Contact me if you have questions about any aspect of this blog. Hope you can find something of interest to you here!

As part of the AFF622 Digital Heritage module we went to the Russell Library in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, to digitise part of their Cuneiform Collection. Below are the images of three models I created of Cuneiform Tablets 2E, 2H, and 3J


Digital Humanities  Theory and Practice Core module


Digital Heritage: Theories, Methods and Challenges


Mapping and Modelling Space and Time

The Voyant data visualisation above is taking the entire corpus of this blog and displaying it as a word cloud. If you click on a word a new window will open bringing you to a Voyant tools page for this blog with further tools and ways to analise the data.