The primary aim of ChronHib project is to refine the methodology for dating Early Medieval Irish linguistic development and to build a chronological framework of linguistic changes that can be used to date literary texts within the Early Irish period (ca. 6th – mid 10th century).  The project aims to achieve this through statistical methods for the seriation of linguistic data, and for estimating dates using Bayesian inference.  In particular, the specific objectives of ChronHib project are:

Objective I: Assessing and describing linguistic variation and change in Early Irish.

Objective II: Establishing a sustainable chronological framework using absolute dates.

Objective III: Providing an authoritative, but open referencing system for linguistic dating.

Objective IV: Developing methods to describe the synchronic and diachronic variation of texts with ‘linguistic profiles’.

Objective V: Converting the qualitative information into quantitative attributes

Objective VI: Developing mathematical-statistical methods to derive probabilities about dates.

Objective VII: Creating methods to assign texts to specific dates.

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