Rudolf Thurneysen Fanclub

The Rudolf Thurneysen Fanclub is an ongoing project devoted to revising Rudolf Thurneysen’s Grammar of Old Irish (Dublin 1946) as part of the ChronHib research project.

This is a very informal event, which arose out of talks within the ChronHib project.  All with an interest in Old Irish grammar are welcome to join and express their views on the subject.

The aim is to read Thurneysen’s A Grammar of Old Irish (1946) (GOI) from cover to cover, with great attention to detail and with an eye to revision. This process will likely take years. At the outset, it is stressed that we have the highest respect for Thurneysen’s seminal work. A century after first publication, it is still the standard grammar of the language and it fundamentally still holds up. Thurneysen combined great ability and understanding with a remarkable clarity of expression. However, this does not preclude the need to incorporate later discoveries. These meetings are to facilitate that process.

Records of the meetings are uploaded to the ChronHib website (see below) and to Rudolf Thurneysen’s site:

GOI Reading Group 1 – 21.09.2016

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