Sanas na Sengoídilce (SnaS) 20

An etymology that I could not find in any of the handbooks (IEW, LEIA, EDPC, VKG, Deshayes): In the glosses to Augustine’s Enchiridion 80b, lat. aranea ‘spider’ receives a double glossing by the hapax legomena itersnidith and aeirsnidith, both recorded in eDIL under the headword snídid ( *Snídid is clearly an agentive formation in -(a)id from a stem that is derived from the verb sniid ‘to twist, bind, tie’, itself continuing the PIE root *√sneh1- ‘to spin’. So the literal meaning of snídid is ‘spinner’ (cf. German Spinne for ‘spider’, and indeed Engl. spider

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