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Saturday 29 August 2015

Monday 31 August 2015

  • Introduction to XQuery [Talk: Magdalena Turska]
  • XQuery exercise [Exercise: Led by Magdalena Turska]
  • Constructing XML/HTML/JSON output in XQuery [Talk: Magdalena Turska]
  • XQuery challenge
  • Discussion Session

Nearly There

As the eXist-DB Summer School is nearly upon us, and even closer for those of you taking the refresher course, I thought some last minute details would be very useful.


The Refresher Course will start at 10am on Saturday 29th August.

The Main Course will start at 9:30am on Tuesday 1st September.

Arrival in Maynooth and getting to An Foras Feasa (“ann for-ess fass-a”)

The Iontas Building, in which An Foras Feasa is located, is on the North Campus. (Please visit the South Campus — it is the old and beautiful bit of the university — but it is not where we are. Alas.)

The map below shows how to get from various arrival points in Maynooth to the centre of town (the main street is called Main Street), and the way to the North Campus. It is not more than a ten-minute walk. The map further down shows how to get to the accommodation blocks, and also where the Iontas Building is located on the campus.

An Foras Feasa is on the first floor. We will be in the Board Room for the Refresher Course, and the Seminar Room for the Main Course. There will be signs up.

Main Street 67 bus andAirportHopperarrive here 66 busarrives here from the train station to the North Campus(see next map) South Campus(very pretty, butthe wrong way)

(Please note: there is an 80-person history conference in the Seminar Room on Saturday 29th. You can tell the difference between their group and ours because there will be about ten of us and eighty of them. We will also look like geeky Digital Humanities scholars with our shiny MacBooks, and they will look like historians.)

Arrival Friday

If you are arriving on Friday evening, I (Richard) will be hanging around Maynooth to make sure accommodation and other things are sorted. Call me on my number (which I shall email shortly) if you have any problems. Also, if anyone would like to join me and anyone else who’s arrived for a drink and some food, I will either be in O’Neills Pub (on the main street) or Fitzgerald’s Roost (also on the main street).

Arrival at accommodation

If you have accommodation reserved in Maynooth, you will need to first go to the North Campus Accommodation Reception. The reception is open until 2300: if you will arrive later than this, please please email Richard now otherwise you will be doomed. You will need to pay for your room on arrival (they accept cards).

The easiest way to reach this is not through the campus (which is labyrinthine) but to go straight along Moyglare Road from the centre of town. Go past the Primary School on your left, and then take the next left. This entrance leads directly to the accommodation block. See the map below.

coming from the town centre go past primary school on the left turn left accommodationreception An Foras Feasa accommodationblock

The turning on the left looks like this:

And this is what the reception entrance looks like:

It probably won’t be sunny like this.

You will be staying in the building called “Gweedore”, which is also marked on the map above (I didn’t know what this meant either, but then I looked it up).

See you all in Maynooth!

Accommodation Deadline

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me regarding accommodation. I am now preparing a final list of everyone to send on to the accommodation office in Maynooth. Before this, I will send a list of people requesting accommodation.

But before that, I need everyone who would like to take up accommodation in Maynooth to give me their exact arrival and departure dates (if you haven’t already).

Please, please let me know by Wednesday 19th August if you would definitely like a place in the student halls in Maynooth!

The rooms cost €39 per night, which you will need to pay on arrival.

Registration closed

Registration for this course has now closed. A limited number of places remain: please contact Richard Hadden for more information.

Hello world

or rather

xquery version "3.0";
let $message := 'Hello World!'

The plan is to use this blog slightly closer to the time, and for any updates or other information during the course.

If you’re really clever, and also a little bit passé, you could hook up some snazzy device to the RSS feed: and enjoy live updates!