This is a provisional programme. It will be subject to a final revision, and also adapted to students’ progress on the course.

XQuery Refresher (Optional)

Saturday 29th August

Refresher course in XPath, XSLT

Sunday 30th August

Day off (with planned excursion, depending on the Irish weather)

Monday 31st August

Refresher course in XPath, XSLT, continued. Students attending the main course would be encouraged to arrive for a brief meeting before the end of the day, to discuss the structure of the course, projects and groups.

eXist-DB and XQuery for Building the Web Infrastructure of a Digital Scholarly Edition

Tuesday 1st September

Quick intro to XQuery within eXist Configuring eXist with WebDAV for Oxygen “Hello world” application Deploying to server and setting up source control

Wednesday 2nd September

Controller and URL rewriting Templating framework Half-day project work, or catchup, as required.

Thursday 3rd September

Indexing and building search interfaces KWIC module

Friday 4th September

Permission control and security

Saturday 5th September

eXist packages Second half of the day for the wrap up, feedback, etc.