So once upon a time there was a Spring School in Graz, where lots of DiXiT folks learned a great wonderful bunch of stuff.

Then a couple of weeks later in Cologne, Magdalena Turska was like, “Dude”. Maybe she wasn’t like, “Dude”, but she was like, “It would be really cool if there was a summer school that started off where the Graz Spring School left off” (which is to say, in the Cool Zone of the eXist Database) “as that would be really cool.”

“And,” she said, after lunch on a warm day, “Maynooth would be a totally cool place to have it because they’ve got that Guinnessy thing that everyone goes on about and which provokes Aodhán into singing old, slightly risqué songs.”

There was nodding while they all went up to Monto.

“And, what’s more, moreover: it could be my fantasy workshop because Wolfgang Meier himself, the fellow behind eXist-DB itself, could teach it!”

Having similar ideas about people called ‘Wolfgang’ (or ‘pack’, as we say in English), I acquiesced.

And so there is this DiXiT eXist-DB Summer School, hosted by An Foras Feasa, in Maynooth University, with grateful participation from lots of nice people, some XQuery, XPath, X-Men and Guinness.