Letter from Edward Littlehales to J. Beckett, 11 August 1808

Dublin CastlePrivateAugust 11 1808My dear Sir

Lord Clancarty having represented that it was
necessary that a Certificate from two Representations receipt
of the date of the Death of Lord Clanricarde should be
transmitted to the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain I
have the honour to enclose the same to you for that

I also transmit herewith a Memorandum of
which was delivered to me late yesterday relative to for
Philip Geraghty who was in the Banishment Act in the
year 1798 under a different Christian name, having

been seen in Dublin a few days since; — Further enquiry
into the subject will, of course be made and the result
communicated to you, if considered necessary for Lord
information —

I saw Mr Trail this morning — He is in a
very feeble state but quite free from pain —

I have your
Signed E.B. Littlehales

J. Beckett Esqr

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.

Trail, James


Edward was Under- Secretary for the Military from 1801-1819. His role was two-pronged: he was was responsible for the defence of Ireland and the smooth running of the military stationed in the country.


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