Letter from J. Beckett to Edward Littlehales,19 August 1808

Whitehall PrivateAugust 19 1808My Dear Sir

As Lord Hawkesbury
has concluded to
send a letter to the
Duke of Richmond
by express — I add
a short letter to say
that Mrs Campbells
friends have prevailed
upon her not to go
again to Ireland

Ever your faithfully
J. Beckett

Sir E.B. Littlehales

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.

Lennox, Charles

4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, colonial administrator. In April 1807 he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Campbell, Mrs

Wife of Major Henry Alexander Campbell who was charged and hanged for murder in 1808


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