Letter from J. Beckett to Edward Littlehales, 20 August 1808

Whitehall20 August 1808 My dear Sir

I received by Express your
letter of the 16th marked "Private &
Confidential" with several enclosed
marked No 1. 2. 3 & 4. — containing
information of different insts which you
had collected relative to the proceedings
and opinions of the disaffected in Ireland
— I have not failed to lay these
papers before Lord Hawkesburry — his Lordship
entertains no doubt that the several
persons who are suspected to be employed
for the purposes of creating discontent
will be properly watched — With
respect to Col Hanson I think it

very probable that you may find
him communicating with persons
of doubtful character — but I apprehend
that his being in Ireland at this
moment may be accounted for, without
supposing him to have gone thither
for the express purpose of doing so.
He certainly took a very indecent
and active part in the Riots at
— and it became a matter
of serious consideration whether he
should not be legally proceeded
against at the assizes at Lancaster
with other persons who were committed
for trial — There were circumstances
which made it doubtful whether
he would be convicted and I believe
no Bill of Indictment will be proffered
against him — knowing probably
that his conduct became the subject
of investigation — and thinking it
possible that he might be indicted
at the assizes which commence
about the end of the month I rather
imagine that he has chosen to go to
Ireland on purpose to be out of the
way — It will nevertheless be
prudent to keep a watch upon him
—for he has always been connected
with unprincipled hard lined people
at Manchester — and is a man
of a violent & mischievous disposition

Lord Hawkesburry desires me

to thank you for taking the
trouble to communicate what
appears to you to be of any importance
— and would rejoice as much as
I should at the prospect of
your being relieved from the task
by Mr Trails recovery — Believe me
My Dear Sir
Most faithfully yours
J. Beckett

Sir E.B. Littlehales Bard

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.

Colonel "Harrison"/Colonel J. Hanson



Edward was Under- Secretary for the Military from 1801-1819. His role was two-pronged: he was was responsible for the defence of Ireland and the smooth running of the military stationed in the country.

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