Letter from Edward Littlehales to J.Beckett, 23 August 1808

Dublin Castle Copy / Private and Confidential August 23 1808
six O' clock PM
My dear Sir

About eight o’ clock AM this morning I received
your two three letters of the 20th instant, two of which were
marked Private and one Confidential —

As the Lord Lieutenant has written very
fully to Lord Hawkesbury by this opportunity both officially
and privately upon the painful subject of the certain circumstances
connected with Major Campbells case and situation, more
particularly those to which you refer, It does not appear to me
that anything needs to be added on my part. —

In regard to your communications in ackt of
mine of the 16th instant relative to the claim of set up by a
Private in the Meath Militia to his discharge in consequence
of the peculiar terms of the Oath under which he enrolled the
Duke of Richmond has just had a conference with Lord
on the subject and has stated is now stating the result to

Lord Hawkesbury but I have the satisfaction to mention that
the Commander of the Forces has not taken any step whatever
in the business & it is therefore decided that it shall stand
over for consideration; I am, however, to remark that from
the very novel and Embarrassing Light in which this
question remains it will be indispensably necessary that it
should be determined whether any Militia Man who has,
as in the case of Boland, enlisted for five years only
although the attestation under which he has so Enlisted
is illegal, can in justice and sound policy be retained in the
service after the expiration of the period for which he has is
so irregularly attested under the error of the Magistrate
before whom he was Enrolled and His Grace is has, therefore,
in an Official letter called for the sentiments of Lord
and His Majesty’s other confidential servants
upon this particular subject —

It is highly probable that the object of
Colonel Hanson visit to Ireland is for the causes which
you mention; I have heard nothing more about him but

shall not fail to discover, if practicable, where he now is
and with whom he generally associates.— Believe meyour
Signed E.B. Littlehales

J. Beckett Esqr

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.

Campbell, Major Henry Alexander

During the correspondence, Campbell was tried and condemned for the murder of fellow officer Captain Alexander Boyd in a duel. He was executed in August 1808 by hanging.

Lennox, Charles

4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, colonial administrator. In April 1807 he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Harrington, Lord

General Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Harrington (1753-1829) A British soldier. He was Commander-in-Chief of the regular Irish troops between 1806 and 1812.

George III

George William Frederick (1738- 1820), King of Great Britain and Ireland. He oversaw the introduction of the Act of Union. Ruled till his death in 1820.

Colonel "Harrison"/Colonel J. Hanson


Edward was Under- Secretary for the Military from 1801-1819. His role was two-pronged: he was was responsible for the defence of Ireland and the smooth running of the military stationed in the country.


Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Lieutenant was the representative for the King in Ireland. Charles Lennox was the Lord Lieutenant at this time.

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