Letter from Edward Littlehales to J. Beckett, 23 August 1808

Dublin Castle Copy / Private August 23 1808My dear Sir

The Chief Justice Downes called upon me yesterday
upon his return from circuit and preparatory to his going to
Cheltenham for the recovery of his health; — He gives a very
comfortable account of what he had observed in his progress
through the Country — He says that there were fewer
criminal cases than he almost ever recollects, that the
people appeared to be industrious — the harvest abundant
and that, in his opinion, as far as he was capable of informing
himself everything, generally speaking wore a promising aspect.

I send you a private note from Colonel Wolfe
in the county of Kildare to me, which, although containing no
particular information, is, as far as it goes, corroborative of the
Chief Justice's remarks.—

I transmit for Lord Hawkesburys information, a copy
of a letter from Major General Campbell at Armagh, in reply
to my communication respecting the outrages which were
perpetuated J. Beckett Esqr

perpetuated in the neighbourhood of Banbridge in the County of
Down and I also, send a copy of my answer thereto, — I much
fear as I suspected from the beginning of this unfortunate transaction,
that it will turn out that many of the Members of the
Yeomanry Corps in that Quarter are deeply implicated in these
Acts of violence —

Enclosed you will, likewise, receive a copy of a private
communication from the Yeomanry Brigade Major of the County
of Carlow stating that Mr Edward Hay is in that part of the
Country, and as he conceives, for no good purpose. We shall, of
course take care that his movements are watched as far as may be

Believe meyour
Signed Edward B. Littlehales

Wolfe, Colonel

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.

Campbell, Major Henry Alexander

During the correspondence, Campbell was tried and condemned for the murder of fellow officer Captain Alexander Boyd in a duel. He was executed in August 1808 by hanging.



Edward was Under- Secretary for the Military from 1801-1819. His role was two-pronged: he was was responsible for the defence of Ireland and the smooth running of the military stationed in the country.

Chief Justice

William Downes, 1st Baron Downes (1762-1826) One of the leading Irish judges of his time, appointed to Chief Justice of Ireland in 1803. The Chief Justice is the President of the Supreme Court in Ireland

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