Letter from Edward Littlehales to J. Beckett, 25 August 1808

D.C. Private August 25 1808J. BeckettEsqMy dear Sir

In addition to my
letter of yesterdays date conveying
to you a copy of one from
the Sol Gen’l at Cork relating
to the opinions of the Chief
Baron and Mr Baron Grange
respecting the alarming state
of the County of Kerry I
enclose a copy of the a
communication which I
received this morning from
the Chief Baron and of its

enclosure and having conferred
with the Lord Lieut on the
subject I intend to write
immediately to the Gen Officer
commandingof the District and to the discreet persons to procure all the
information possible requesting relative
the disturbed very bad situation stateasin which the County of
Kerry is represented to be
especially the two Baronies
to which Chief Baron
O’Grady refers; andthe steps
that which it may be necessary
afterwards necessary to pursue with

a view to the suppression
of the excesses that are stated
to exist in these parts as of
the County
as well as for the preservation of
the Peace must of course
depend upon the nature
and extent of the evil —

It is scarcely, however,
necessary to observe that
although the every deference
is due to the opinions of the
Chief Baron and Mr Baron
George yet nothing specific is

stated upon the subject of
the outrages to which the Chief Downes former alludes, now any
clue towhich may lead to the
discovery of the ringleaders
and perpetrators of them, — I have yourPS I send a copy of my answer to the Chief
Baron’s communication
J. Beckett


Solicitor General

The Solicitor General of Ireland was the senior advisor and deputy of the Attorney General. Charles Kendal Bushe occupied the role of Solicitor General from the time of this correspondence until 1822.

Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Lieutenant was the representative for the King in Ireland. Charles Lennox was the Lord Lieutenant at this time.

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