Letter from J. Beckett to Edward Littlehales, 9 September 1808

Whitehall PrivateSeptmeber 9 1808My dear Sir>

I had the honour of
recieved fro you last night by
Express further Accounts from
the distrubed parts ofKerry and
Limerick — detailed in the copy
of a letter from Brigadier General Lee — and
also an extract of a letter from
the Solicitor General in Killarney.

— Lord Hawesbury that the
measures which have been adopted
for checking these disturbances

may prove effectual.

With respect to the Frenchman
named Michael Boucain — I have
only to request that whenever
it is deemed prudent to send
him away from Ireland — I may
be informed whither it is proposed to send him in this Country
— in order that proper directions
may be given to the Transport
Board to recieve him as a
prisoner of Ward.

I have the
my Dear Sir
most faithfully yours
J Beckett

Jenkinson, Robert

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. He was a British statesman and the longest-serving British Prime Minister since 1806.


Solicitor General

The Solicitor General of Ireland was the senior advisor and deputy of the Attorney General. Charles Kendal Bushe occupied the role of Solicitor General from the time of this correspondence until 1822.

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