The Battle of Mount Street Bridge

The March of the Sherwood Foresters

The Arrival

On arrival at Kingstown Dun Laoghaire the Sherwood Foresters were organised into two columns to descend on the city via two parallel routes. The right column moved off at about 11 am through the well-to-do suburbs between Kingstown and Dublin. "On the night of April 24th […] orders were received to prepare for an immediate move to an unknown destination […] all that could be learnt was “The train is going to Liverpool.” It was learnt on arrival at Kingstown that a Rebellion had broken out in Dublin, that the rebels were holding many of the principal buildings, and that they had established themselves in strong positions with a view to preventing the troops from entering the City."


The British troops were welcomed by many of the locals, some of whom provided them with refreshments. Crucially, information relating to the rebels movements were also granted: "Refreshments were pressed upon the men […] in addition to much valuable verbal information […] that many of the rebels were wearing green uniforms, and that Northumberland Road was likely to prove dangerous”

Xing Haddington Rd. and Northumberland Rd.

"The first serious check to the advance was sustained at the corner of Northumberland Road and Haddington Road. The house forming the N.W. angel of this road junction had been thoroughly fortified by the rebels. The windows and doors were sand-bagged or barricaded, and provided with loopholes, through which an accurate fire was kept up. Our Officers were especially singled out, and Captain Dietrichsen and 2nd leut. W.V. Hawken were killed from this house."