03 August 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Father_ (155) (2/2)




Many thanks to dear Mai for her letter with enclosed just received

B. E. Force


Dearest Father,

We got back to camp this morning, having been in reserve during the big fight of which you will have read in the paper. We were out in action + had no casualties but had rather a trying time from the rain + wind which was appalling. The weather is unfortunately however, very cold with unceasing rain more like December than August.

If we can manage to dig ourselves out of the clay in which we are firmly planted we march somewhere else tomorrow, but from what I hear there is little chance of our raising bayonets

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with the Boche for a good while, so there is no need to be uneasy except about my vanishing in the sweet Belgian mud. I wish you could have seen us floundering knee deep through slush and mud but happy at the prospect of a warm meal and a glorious sleep (on the ground) when we reach our destination.

[The next twelve line of this letter are the most heavily censored of all of Fr. Doyle’s letters.]

Hope you are well “as this leaves me at present”

Ever yours lovingly Willie