06 August 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Father_ (156)  (1/1)

B. E. Force


Dearest Father,

A hasty line to let you know all is well. Unceasing rain for five days has made the country a quagmire + limits any serious operations except marching which is unending. We got first to one spot then another, spend 48 hours in the trenches + come out like so many drowned rats, rest a day or two and off again – I am waiting for a big tramp at the present moment.

Don’t expect much writing from me for a bit til we settle down but I shall keep in touch (if I can ) by a postcard,

Judging by the enclosed extract from St Maries of the Isle I think you had better give up visiting convents. It simply won’t do!! I won’t have a look in when I come home.

Heaps of love to everybody not forgetting your own dear self.

Ever dearest Father

Your own loving



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