12 August 1917

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My Dearest Father,

As I fear my card from the battlefield may not have reached you and you will be on the look for news of me, I send you on the enclosed, though I have a good deal more to add.

I shall only say I am well thank God, and once more have come safely through all dangers, and they were many.

When you read Part II of my letter, to follow in a few days, you will understand better why I feel a bit fagged out and knocked about in more senses than one.

We are out of the line at present







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and I do not know our future movements, but you may depend on it that I shall secure leave at the very first opportunity and congratulate you on your 68th birthday!

A bundle of letters is waiting for me somewhere; probably there is one from your dear self among them, for which loving thanks.

Please thank Lena for her kind gift of cigarettes + Jenny for her letter. My mail bag will be a bit full for some days.

Hoping the enclosed will be another” On the knees of my heart” letter.

Ever dearest Father

Your Loving