15 March 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Father_ (118)



My Dearest Father,

My first postcard will have told you of my safe arrival in London, after one of the roughest passages I can remember. I have been across the channel dozens of times+ never yet broke my resolution of not feeding the fishes, but as the good ship would insist on trying to stand on her head, even the resolve of  years broke down, I was only sick for about half a minute

I spent the ……do including a call to any……or enquiring , I found  … but part of the next day … my train did not leave till 2’o clock   …  the station I found  out not a little… my annoyance, that the last train had left at 1150. There was nothing for it but to spend a third night in London.

Determined not to the lake a second time I went down to Charing Cross very early walked about outside for a while and then entered the station. In response to my enquiry, the inspector replied,” Yes, Sir, the


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Last train left punctually at 1150 I must have been dreaming for somehow I had got it into my head that the 1150 was ten minutes to six! I know something terrible would happen as the result of .. By five cooks and that …   I can make for I … the length, but meant I had to stay another night in London. I made up my mind to visit 24 hours before getting a transfer, and see would St Paul’s words come to me” To thou who love God all things work together onto Good”, I was puzzled why When I was so anxious  When I read    All seemed clear for the day… The very day on which I should have The trenches had I not been delayed the Germans had made a fierce attack

On the part of the line held by my men, had broken through to some depth before being driven back, and who knows but I  might have  been singing the “watch on the rhine” only for the fog and my stupid mistake