16 January 1917

Archive Ref: IEIJA/J2/83_Letter to his Father_(114)



Dearest Father,

A line just to report a clean bill of health and all well on board the good ship “Soucy Williams” I am scraping up another tin of “Bully”which I hope to send to you by the time you have digested the first one. If you find the jottings sufficiently interesting to read through I shall go on with them as it is only a pleasure to me to write and these trivial incidents give you some idea of my life.

Following very heavy rain, floods +general misery we are now having a spell of snow and hard frost, Fine healthy weather no doubt  but not for the nose+toes. Current rumour says we are back presently to the rear for a long promised divisional rest. There have been so many promises and bitter disappointments we feel inclined to believe it only

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when it comes, but the prospect is cheering. I am off now to look for a dead man as my supply of soap is growing small + the poor chap won’t want his now.

I remain,

Ever your own loving