17 July 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83     Letter to his Father (149) (150)



My dearest Father,

We have been having a most glorious time, for the past fortnight, enjoying the long promised “rest” we were looking out for so eagerly this time last year and which has only come now. One instantly learns to be patient in the army if nothing else comes of the life.   The weather has been ideal, the country looking its best and though my men are a bit too much scattered for my taste, some being 8 kilometres away, I have been having a thoroughly good rest, for riding about quietly along the green country lanes is a joy and relaxation in itself.

Now we are off again for musketry practice somewhere but return to this district after a week and I hear we are not to go into the trenches for some considerable time yet, which is bon.

There is no prospect of leave at present, everyone is held up as no one really knows what will happen next. In a way I am not sorry as the life here is quite a holiday where as leave from the trenches when it comes later will


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Be much more welcome & needed. I enclose a very beautiful letter written by a child of twelve which was sent to me from Cork  I do not want it back.

As I promised you to be really lazy I shall not say more (news in any case is nil).  The body thrives & “waxes fat” on fresh country butter, eggs, honey, strawberries and cream (shall I go on?), but the poor soul is in a bad way. Better times coming, let us hope Everything kind to everybody,

As ever dearest Father

Your loving son