17 March 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Sister_(119)

R.D. Fusiliers


Dear Sister Marie,

Your precious letter, the harp and other enclosures reached me  just in time last night to enable
me to turn out in full“war paint”this morning. I was half afraid the Boche might think that I was the
commander in chief all glistening with green and gold and make a raid to capture me
It is my turn now to wish you a happy feast on the 21 when you will have my mass, all to yourself, without any goats or sheep nibbling at it, so that the poor “snail”(who won the race in the end) my get a big spiritual lift in her journey up the steep path of perfection to the feet of Jesus. There is as much         after all in being a “devote female snail”, for snails when once they have advanced a bit never slip back


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back like the rest of us what a proud old thing you were to give pu the “giddy goat” to poor, simple, Sr Philomena and sit down on the back of the simple snail, my letter to my dear father will have given you all news of myself. I have been in the trenches since my return, the weather being fine, though a little cold ,but the whole 48th brigade are going out in a day or two for some weeks rest in the rear if you see Fr F. Brown you may tell him this that he may not be in a hurry back

The little scheme I told you about for the education of poor respectable boys to be priests promises to be a complete success. When at home I spoke to P. de.M. sodality of Georges hill convent and already 130,almost the full number, have promised the save up 5/- a year (£37 more than enough to pay for a good college).At present I am helping this private but please God, when I get we will be able to make it a big thing .It is sad to think there are scores of good holy boys longing to be priests,+ cannot for want of money Pius 10th was nearly lost to the church in this way. God bless you now and always, and may you have the happiest and holiest of feasts ever your loving brother



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nearly lost to the church in this way, God bless you now and always and may you have the happiest and  holiest of  feast, ever your loving brother