23 January 1917

 Archive Ref: IE IJA/J2/83_Letter accompanying the “Macrnachie Ration” Diary_(115) (2/2)
B.E. Force
Dearest Father,
As you confess, in your most recent letter, you have made a regular glutton of yourself over the
tin of“Bully”, I meant to risk another but send instead some“Macrnachie Ration”, which I hope you will
enjoy. I have just had long interesting letter from Lena, Mai +Chas with a regular “Cheer O” from Jennie
enclosing a big box of rosaries, you are all good to the poor, old man who is in the best of form, though more often frozen in parts, still the hard-frosty weather is a most welcome change from perpetual rain and muck.I enclose a very kind letter from Dr Browne, And I told his lordship in my reply I felt more proud of it than the M.C.

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If not too much trouble would you {send} those two parts of the diary to Fr Brennan to read as it will save me writing. I enclose his address to remind you.
Heaps of love to everyone, not forgetting the lion’s share for your own dear self
Ever your loving,
Everything kind to Sir Francis if still with you.