27 April 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Sister_(129) (2/2)

B.E. Force


My dear Lena,

Thank you ever so much for your welcome letter which reached me at the same moment as one from dear Father, which was full as usual of praise about your goodness to him- “a regular angel” he calls you. I think he feels his loneliness very much at times, he always seems so cheered when anyone has been or is coming to see him.

With all the fierce fighting going on we have never had such a quiet time and are likely to remain so for a while. I shall be only too glad to send you a post card alternatively with the fathers weekly letter so that you will have news of my doings every few days. Lena don’ t forget there are times when it is impossible to write, when we are marching for example+also for other reasons I cannot explain. I have not the least anxiety for my safety, God’ s

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Protection has been so manifest and I have absolute trust in his goodness. I am scrapping together all of my bits of news for the Farther which I must not repeat as they will reach you. Glad you are all well. I suppose (+hope) the good news at Mt Annvile will put the girls on strict rations when they return one meal a day or something like that.

Much Love. Cherrio!