29 July 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_ (154) (2/2)

8th R. Dublin Fusil.


Dearest Jennie,

I have broken the flask in which I carry the wine for mass + as I cannot get another at present here would you be so good as to send me one. The plainer + cheaper it is the better, provide it is strong, the size it immaterial. Please don’t waste money on silver mounting or anything fancy, something “ cheap and nasty” will fill the bill.

We have had a good deal of marching about recently, pleasant work during rain. I can assure you, but we are not due for our spell in the trenched for some time.

I hope you will have a good time down in Wicklow ; I am ever so glad the dear Father will spend a little time with you, the change will do him good.

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I have little news to give you. We are all being well grilled  by the intense heat, though today, for a change, I was washed out of my tent by terrific rain + have been busy fishing my belongings from the raging flood.

Thirty Chinese Catholics from the Labour Battalion turned up for mass this morning and astonished everyone by their reverence + piety. They seem quite happy though their present surroundings must seem strange to them.

Au revoir. Much love to everybody

Not forgetting “Tiger Tim”

Your own affectionate