06 February 1917

Archive Ref: IE IJA /J2/83_Letter to his Father_ (117)

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My Dearest Father,

The “ration tin” has filled up quicker than I expected so I sent it along herewith I am glad you find the little diary sufficiently interesting. Since last I wrote the weather instead of changing as I thought has become even colder. However, I have finished seventeen days in the trenches, jolly cold. Jolly cold they were too, and am now  back in my billet at the convent for a week. Lena kindly asks in her letter if I want anything. A good  rapid thaw would be most welcome, but apart from that I really have all I want  hard as the weather is I enjoy it  and certainly have nothing to complain about in the way of health and fitness

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I am very sorry to hear poor frank has had such a nasty attack. I hope you will keep him as long as you can the rest + change will do him good.

Heaps of love to everybody

As ever your loving son