About this project

My name is Gavin Mac Allister, I am hoping to achieve a masters degree in digital humanities at An Foras Feasa, the Humanities Research Institute at Maynooth University. As part of this process, I am required to work on a practicum; the practicum I chose was with the Irish Jesuit Archive, in particular, the 1917 letters of  Fr Willie Doyle SJ, this web site is the end result of that practicum. I am entirely indebted to the Irish Jesuit Archive  for the privileged use of their papers and artifacts. To begin I had to digitally capture a series of letters written by Fr Willie Doyle SJ from January to August 1917, these were then transcribed, some 17,000 words which was difficult at times. The quality of the digital capture and the transcriptions were entirely my responsibility as are any short comings there of. Once this was achieved I had to create an accessible website and upload the information to it, if it was good enough it could in the future be opened to the public as an online archive. I could not have accomplished this without the invaluable help of a number of people, in particular, my supervisor, Prof. Susan Schreibman head of Department at  An Foras Feasa, whose knowledge and guidance cultivated from such projects as  Letters of 1916, allowed me to avoid many pitfalls.  Dr Costas Papadopoulos, An Foras Feasa for his insights into the digitisation process, Neale Rooney, researcher An Foras Feasa, for his insights into media and web design and patience!! and Sharon Healy, Projects officer at An Foras Feasa, for her drive and no nonsense approach. Damien Burke,archivist in  the Irish Jesuit archive, for his willing help, in all things Willie Doyle SJ; especially his  handwriting and the hours spent in attempting to interpret not only this, but Willie’s mischievous humour and in family jokes.Lastly to all the staff members and Jesuits who operate out of the Jesuit Archive and treated me as one of their own from the first day I entered the building a genuine thank you to everyone.