About the Project

The Woodman Diary project was initiated as part of the 2014-2015 MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University by members of the Digital Scholarly Editing course under the supervision of Professor Susan Schreibman. Members of the team included Meredith Dabek, Noel Groome, Nathan Murphy, Neale Rooney, and Joshua D. Savage (all candidates for the MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University), as well as Richard Hadden and Shane A. McGarry (both Ph.D. candidates in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University). The diary itself was provided by Joyce Timms, granddaughter of diary author Albert Woodman.

Professor Susan Schreibman is the Professor of Digital Humanities and head of An Foras Feasa at Maynooth University. Her current projects include the Battle of Mount Street Bridge and the Letters of 1916.

Project Roles

The course itself was spread over two semesters, with the second semester focused on the execution of the diary.  In order to accomplish all of the work involved, each team member was responsible for an individual area:

  • Meredith Dabek, Editor & Third Party Coordinator – responsible for editing all transcriptions and TEI related to the project, as well as coordinating with any third party individuals for items such as articles, interviews, and additional information.
  • Noel Groome, Annotations Manager – responsible for compiling, researching, and documenting all required annotations within the diary.
  • Richard Hadden, TEI / XML Manager – responsible for the creation of the standards and guidelines as related to TEI encoding, as well as overseeing the production of all TEI encoding.
  • Shane A. McGarry, Project Manager & Technical Lead – responsible for the oversight of the project, creation of project plans and status reporting, as well as the interaction design and the technical implementation of the website.
  • Nathan Murphy, Named Entity Manager – responsible for compiling, researching, and documenting all required named entities (i.e. Persons, Places, and Organisations) within the diary.
  • Neale Rooney, Content Manager – responsible for overseeing the creation of additional content for the site, as well as image editing and promotion of the Woodman Diary.
  • Joshua D. Savage, Editor & Website Designer – responsible for editing all content objects, as well as creating the overall design of the website and composites.


We would further like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to the Woodman Diary project:

  • Joyce Timms – for providing us with the diary itself, transcribing all of the diary’s text, and providing ample notes and contextual information.
  • Padraic Stack, Sara Campbell, and Val Payne – for imaging all of the diary’s pages and providing us with general imaging assistance.
  • David Murphy – for providing historical insight into World War I and some of Albert Woodman’s experiences.
  • Martin Charlton – for providing us with information regarding geo-computation and the creation of GIS maps.
  • Gordon O’Sullivan – for offering advice and recommendations based on his previous experience with the creation of a digital scholarly edition.
  • Brian Hughes – for providing us with guidance and best practices concerning the creation of annotations.
  • Roman Bleier – for providing us with tutorials regarding XSLT.
  • Miriam Ryan – for her assistance with the creation of release forms and general guidance regarding University policy.