Using the Diary

Annotations Switch

Annotations Switch

Once you have navigated to a specific page, you will see the transcribed entry for that day. Annotations within the transcribed text are hyperlinked and coloured beige. Click on the links to view a pop-up note with more information about that specific term, person, place, or organization. These annotations can be toggled on and off using the switch at the top-right of the diary page.


Some (but not all) of the pop-up notes contain links to the glossary, which provides additional contextual information. Clicking on the glossary link will bring you to a longer entry with more details and, in some cases, a link to navigate to other diary entries in which Woodman also mentioned this name, place, or term. Additionally, some dates referenced within the text of Woodman’s diary contain links that allow you to jump directly to the day to which he is referring.

To view the digital diary image for a particular day, you can click on the “Diary Images” link. This will open a lightbox with the transcription and digital image shown side-by-side. In Woodman’s diary, some entries span more than one image, and some images contain the entries for more than one day. In these cases, we have adjusted the display of the text so that the transcription can be seen alongside the image.


The “Diary Images” sidebar will contain links to all the digital images showing that day’s entries. When the lightbox opens, text shown in black is directly related to the day’s entry currently being viewed, while text shown in faded grey relates to a previous or following day.